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March 8, 2020by Matt SB0

As the seasons switch from excruciatingly hot to somewhat chilly and cozy and your lifestyle becomes more relaxing, why not do the same for your marijuana strains? If that sounds like an interesting idea, then our list of best marijuana strains for a chilly Fall day is what you need.

Our list focuses on some of the best strains during Fall, each having something different for you to enjoy in terms of flavor, taste, and high.

Best Marijuana Strains for a Chilly Fall Day in Los Angeles    


Mintz is for those looking for the best marijuana strains for a chilly Fall day to enjoy with cool and crisp flavors. Even from the name, it is easy to tell that it is all about the cool feeling that follows after each hit.

The strain can have a THC level of around 25%, which is quite strong. You’ll likely find it soothing to smoke after having a tough day at work.

As for the taste, expect to experience mint combined with peppermint tastes bursting in your mouth.

          100 Club Apple

This is among the best marijuana strains for a chilly Fall day because of its aroma and taste. People love it for having a supreme citrus flavor combined with hints of other fruit flavors. The overall taste of this strain of cannabis should be great for you to experience something light and different.

The THC level can be around 20 percent. It might not be the strongest strain, but it is for sure good for an assortment of different applications. You might as well combine it with apple cider and donuts to enjoy it further!

          Cookies and Cream

You can enjoy the Cookies and Cream marijuana strain anytime of the year. However, it seems the cooler weather makes the strain better.

It is a hybrid strain known for offering a soothing and relaxing high. For its soothing capabilities, it is best to use it in the evening when you have time to relax at home.


If you are feeling a bit low and sad, then consider getting yourself the Moscato cannabis strain. The strain may make you feel chatty, euphoric, and happy. You will experience a sweet fruity taste with a bit of tartness, which is great for any Fall day.

Where to Buy the Strains

If you are intrigued to try out the best marijuana strains for a chilly Fall day in Los Angeles, then check out the Venice Medical Dispensary (VMC). We have other multiple strains to suit your needs for using cannabis.

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