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March 15, 2020by Matt SB0

How to Keep a Cannabis Journal

Learning how to keep a cannabis journal for cannabis users in Los Angeles is vitally important, now that cannabis is legal, to learn how you react to each specific product or strain. Since we can get all excited around cannabis, smoking too many strains can get you confused. With a journal, you would always know which strain works great for you.

Depending on your mood and budget, you probably have a favorite strain to purchase. It is not easy to identify which strain works best for you at a particular time because you were probably too high to remember. As a result, it is easy to see why a journal would be ideal. Take your time to come up with an elaborate journal detailing the different experiences with various cannabis strains and products.

How to Keep a Cannabis Journal: The Benefits

Let’s say you enjoyed a new strain about two weeks ago. As much as you might remember the name, what about how it looks? The dosage? Flavor? Without a proper journal, it will be hard to remember what it felt like.

Once you know how to keep a cannabis journal on your favorite pot strains, it will be easy to retrace your experiences. Some even take pictures to attach to their journals for record keeping. Make your notes as detailed as possible.

With all the notes available, it should be easy to identify the best strains and recommended doses. Sometimes you just want a strain for improving your mental clarity. When you do not use the right dose, you might end up being too high for mental clarity. 

Creating a journal can be ideal for you to create a personal database of your favorite weed strains. For someone who is a cultivator, the journal can be used for recording the growing practices, the plant genetics, and much more. With all this information, it is easy to pick the right strain to smoke or grow depending on the season.

How to Keep a Cannabis Journal in Los Angeles: What to Write in it

Now that you understand the importance of keeping a cannabis journal, you should figure out what to write in it. One of the most common pointers on how to keep a cannabis journal for weed users is the rating system. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the high based on both positive and negative aspects. 

For someone using the strain to manage specific symptoms, then consider tracking the effectiveness of the strain. Look at the amount of marijuana you have to use in handling the symptoms. Also, it is best if you write the experiences daily. It helps you understand the pattern of the new strain you are testing.

If you are not sure on how to keep a cannabis journal for your preferred weed strains, here are some suggestions to follow.

  • The baseline

At this point, you will note how the strain made you feel for the first time using it. Did you sleep better than before? How did it affect your appetite? How was the high? How long did the high last? You will be surprised by the different results you get with various strains.

  • Intake

Under this section, you need to track everything from the type of strain, its consumption method, the brand, and dose. 

  • The effects

Once the high kicks in, what more did you experience? You should note the effects in your journal too. It is from the effects that you know when it is ideal to use the strain. Some might be ideal for evening use as they are too strong, while others can be great for daytime use.

  • Final Thoughts

Venice Medical Dispensary (VMC) is here to help you access quality cannabis products in various forms. Now that you know how to keep a cannabis journal, it should be easy to record the experiences you get with our products.

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