DispensaryWonka Dispensary Strain

January 29, 2020by alvin l

You might be thinking of Willy Wonka, but Wonka Dispensary Strain isn’t in any way related to him. This strain is Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, and ChemDawg in one. This can also be a combination of Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth.


Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99 can also make Wonka. Really, the list goes on. But regardless, you should expect that this will hit you hard! Because if there’s one common thing about all of the strain combinations that form a Wonka strain, that’s the fact that it is so euphoric!


Wonka Dispensary Strain is what you need if you love THC so much as this contains 20-30% of that. Wow, I know. There is no doubt that this will get you high and give you the feeling that you’re up there with the clouds!


Despite the THC level Wonka has, however, it will not make you insane. It will just give you the kind of alertness that isn’t too much for you to also be calm at the same time—which is just like Willy Wonka’s chocolates, as how they were described in the movie.


In fact, this can calm down any signs of insomnia and anxiety, making this a good strain for if you want to spend the day being at peace with yourself.


But note that Wonka’s effects are not immediate. You can expect that they will occur a few minutes after you consume or smoke it. But it will be worth it, don’t worry.


There are no negative effects associated with Wonka, but just like any other strains, side effects are still possible, especially if you are being careless about your intake of it.


Wonka started to become popular when it won third place in Denver Cannabis Cup in 2014.


A lot of people in the cannabis industry have pointed out that its leaves are easy on the eye, able to catch anyone’s attention. Its smell, on the other hand, is comparable to that of a candy; it’s sweet. This strain is mostly sativa.


You can be assured that Wonka is tested in third-party laboratories and doesn’t contain anything that may harm you in any way.